A Few Last-minute Wedding Day Checklists

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Planning your special day is hectic! You need to ensure that everything is in order before you can get into the suit or the poofy dress. Here is a crunch-time checklist in order to make sure the bridal party and the event-managing individuals have everything in place.

Check the supplies – use suppliers that are the experts of the industry. You will be at ease knowing that you can depend on these professionals to deliver your requirements on time.

Payments – don’t wait until the day of your nuptial to calculate the costs for the caterers, party entertainers and other suppliers. Make a list of the payments that need to be made and make payments beforehand if possible to avoid unnecessary stress on your special day. Don’t forget to get a signature from the suppliers that they received the payment and keep a copy of the receipt just for insurance policy.

Tips – if you are planning to tip the waiters, wedding DJ or the helpers in addition to the payments made, place the tip inside envelopes and keep them ready to hand out on the day. It is a lot to safer to have the cash in envelopes rather than having it tucked inside someone’s pocket.

In the instance, when you need to have something arranged additionally, keep some extra cash with the person who is in-charge of all the payments.

On the morning of the big day, have a friend or relative drop off your baggage at the hotel you are planning on staying at after the reception. This will help you relax on your way to the hotel after the hectic event. If it’s a destination wedding then don’t forget to have the travel documents and the passport ready.

Have the wedding items that can be placed early, arranged at the reception or the religious venue a day before. Having a family member or a friend overlook this is recommended.

Table numbers, name cards, or other printed material should be reviewed before placing them on the assigned places. Have someone usher your guests and give them a copy of the seating chart.

Having a quick chat with the expert DJ can help you be certain of the exact songs that will be used and if the songs you requested are the correct ones that will be played.

Don’t be afraid to give your ideas to the photographer before the event itself and have the schedule for photographs sorted out too.

You can create a detail itinerary from the start of the day so that the people involved will be prepared and complete the tasks assigned.

As part of the bridal party, make certain that no one goes hungry!

These are many other tips out there regarding your wedding checklist. You can always jot down points if you feel like you might forget them! Congratulations for your wedding!