Advantages Of A Civil Ceremony

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A civil nuptial ceremony is one that does not have any religious affiliation. It is purely legal and is becoming very popular in many countries. It is fast becoming a more sensible way to start a formal relationship with your life partner. Many couples prefer to go through a civil ceremony before going for a religiously affiliated celebration.


Such a function usually allows the couple the complete freedom to decide how they want their big day to be organised. The flexibility allows for wedding celebrants Sydney, the wows and even the music to be selected to match personal requirements. It is an ideal option if the couple wants to plan a themed wedding such as vintage or cultural. Usually family and friends become intimate partners in the proceedings making it truly memorable.

No undue religious restrictions

These events are usually about celebrating relationships between two beautiful people. It further gives a chance to celebrate different cultures and values. Since the couple makes their own wows, it increases their bond as well.


In terms of cost, this type of ceremonies cut back on the amount greatly. The amount can be kept to a minimum especially if you opt to have the proceedings take place in court only with no follow-up function. An event that takes place at court does not really require lavish clothing as well. You can mostly attend with what you feel most comfortable in. Some couples prefer suits and simple gowns. This greatly cuts back on what you will be spending otherwise on a traditional wedding.

Can take place anywhere

It is usual practice to hold the function at the courthouse, but depending on the flexibility of the marriage celebrant Northern Beaches the function can take place almost anywhere. Therefore this has become a popular option for couples who prefer a non traditional venue to celebrate in. Some opt to have it at the beach or any other exotic location.

No fixed vows

Most religious celebrations will have a firm set of vows that are pre made. However, in a civil ceremony the couple has the freedom to change the wordings and make them as customisable as possible. Many civic offices or places of registry will have a set of samples couples can choose from, which can be made customisable.

Retinue cost

Usually most weddings that take place in a courthouse setting have only the couple involved. There are no bridesmaids or best men involved which makes it much less a cumbersome affaire to organise. However if a separate function takes place after the court proceedings then there might be more than the couple involved. However for brides that dream of a fairytale wedding this might not be the best option, as the retinue plays a big part in the whole celebrations. As you can see, this option has many benefits; however it is not for every couple. Therefore it is important that both discuss openly what their requirements are and decide on a ceremony that truly suits them both.